How to report an issue to Facebook

As we all know that Facebook is world's most popular social networking site, but less of us know the reasons why it is so. One of the reason of Facebook popularity is its support to their customers. There are several links in Facebook which are solely dedicated to report issues. In today's post, we will discuss all those links.

How to get the new look of Facebook news feed

As We all know that Facebook is the most popular social networking site but do you why it gained so much popularity. There are basically two major reasons of its popularity - one is its concept and other one is its continual process of improvement. In order to add one more to this, Facebook unveiled a new look of its "News Feed" on March 7, 2013. I think after getting this wow news of new look, you might be excited to grab it. But wait, you can not get new look at this point of time. You need to add yourself in the waiting list.

Use android phone as Game Controller for PC using WanderPlayer

WanderPlayer If you love to play games on your PC and due to that reason you are going to buy game controller for your PC, then think twice before buying a new game controller because the Android app which we are going to discuss today allows you to use your Android phone as game controller for PC. The name of that Android app is WanderPlayer.

Extract color from image using ColorUtility

ColorUtility logo It happens several times with web designers and graphic artists when they visit a particular website, there they find some unique color which they want to use in their own website or in their client website but since they do not know the RGB color code or HSV color code and so they do not use it. But the software which we are going to discuss today can help those disgruntled web designers and graphic artists.

Run Android Apps & Games On Windows using BlueStacks

BlueStacks As we all know that Android market is increasing day by day (currently approx. 750,000 apps) in accordance with enhancement in purchases of Android phones. If you do not try any app of the Android market yet because you do not have Android phone or if you are Android lover who want Android apps on their Windows PC also, then today's software named BlueStacks can help you by allowing you to install Android apps on Windows(X2TTY56PTETM).
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